Maintain your audience's focus

Maintain your audience's focus
June 4, 2020

To get the best results from your presentation, you need your audience’s focus to be on you and your slides. Any other distractions should be removed wherever possible. The same goes for the mouse cursor that appears on screen during your presentation.  

You’ve probably sat in a presentation before where the speaker has wobbled their mouse and the cursor has appeared on the screen. When this happens, your eyes are directed straight to it and it can sometimes be difficult to regain focus on the presentation.

It’s also just a bit annoying.  

When you’re presenting, directing your audience’s eyes away from your content, even for a second, should be avoided at all costs. And there’s a very easy way to ensure your mouse cursor won’t be distracting anyone during your PowerPoint presentation.  

Hide your mouse pointer 

You can hide your cursor with just a couple of clicks, ideally before you project your screen to your audience.  

On a PC, start your PowerPoint slideshow, right-click anywhere on the screen, hover over Pointer Options, go to Arrow Options, then select Hidden.

To bring the cursor back, follow the same steps but select Visible

hide cursor on a PC


On a Mac, start your PowerPoint slideshow, right-click anywhere on the screen, hover over Pointer Options, then click Hidden

If you need to bring the mouse pointer back, right-click again and then select which type of cursor you want to display.

hide cursor on a mac

Once your cursor is hidden, you can wobble your mouse around to your heart's content and it will not show on the screen. 

Now, you can maintain your audience's focus and ensure their eyes remain on you and your content. 

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